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Breaking Through the Wall

Autumn 2018

Illness, you can you can’t.

No time.


You’re asking but nobody’s there.

Lonely cut.

If you have no info, you don’t know the way.
Blockage, Steps, Help. 

It’s a big step to come out.
Here, Barrier, There.

Worry, Not true.

It can be a feel good factor by breaking through the barriers. 

It’s like being free.

Barriers is being like trapped in a lift, you can panic.
They stop you getting where you want to be.

Some barriers will always be there.
You can’t get out and you feel like you cannot breathe.

Confusion and frustration, fever stress and smothered.
Health, barrier to wellbeing.

Motivation, or lack of.

Why am I like this? Is there a reason?

Who makes the barriers?

We Do.

Taking away your liberties.

Guides up through our life.

What are they barriers to? 

Breathing space.


Build up the little things to get you through the day. 

The Tactics.

Weather light.

If you know the route and it changes or is blocked. 

Black cloud.

Breathing space. 

Fear crowds travelling.

Focusing is hard.

When you can’t get through a barrier.

It hurts you like being torn.

Health stops you from doing things I want.

Can hold you back.

Re: energy and enthusiasm.

Anxious about going out verses wanting to make friends.

Mobility, gives fear.

Naming, recognising. 

Fighting self. 

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