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Collective Vision


Collective Vision explored the visible and invisible barriers we feel exist to getting our voices heard, and we hope that through displaying our work we can get our ideas out there and raise awareness of mental health. We displayed the work in public outdoor spaces, as well as in various venues across central Scotland including GOMA, Summerhall and the Portal.


Crafting in a group gives us the focus and relaxation to be able to speak up about our opinions and experiences. We invited members of the public to join us in conversation and craft to sew together a communal blanket, which formed the final tent canvas in our series. 

The work celebrates how we as individuals see and interpret things differently, and explores how we can combine these ‘collective visions’ to create collaborative works. We want to make artwork which other people can take their own meaning from, and we invite the viewer to form their own ‘vision’ from the pieces.

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