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Conversations in the Crafternoons


Conversations in the Crafternoons was a weekly group session that aimed to use craft to create an environment where its’ members feel comfortable in expressing their ideas and opinions. Crafting can give us focus and relaxation, and which allows us to open up and talk about our issues. The group aimed to provide the encouragement and understanding needed for creativity by talking and listening. When we create something, either individually or as a group, there is a sense of achievement. It is this sense of achievement, along with a safe space to put your ideas forward, which can reduce our stress and anxiety.


Meeting regularly for creativity and conversation, gave us somewhere to go every week to meet people and share skills. By being part of a group people with lived experience of mental ill health, we feel that we can speak openly about our issues and actively listen to others. This project aimed to build the confidence to get out into the wider community, both through seeing others artwork and presenting our own to the public. We wanted to put our ideas across to others and raise awareness of mental health.

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