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Creating Negative Space 

Autumn 2018

Can be hard to think positive.

You might not be sure of yourself.

Putting yourself down.

Is it safer to go there.

Going negative first.

Not positive thinking.

Negative thoughts.

It’s when things happen, how you think.

Can’t always stay there.

The road to think positive.

Is there nothing there?

Light left in eyes.

Is it dark?

Am I unbalanced?

Is that going to happen?

Worrying about things that aren’t even there.

Seeing things that aren’t there.

Things to fear.

Film negative, to ghosts.

That’s not going to happen.

Your eyes are like a camera.

A negative version of events that leave a trace in your mind.

Making stories about the sky.

If it’s blank, how can it be negative.

Half and half.

Positive side, negative side.

Bits in between.

It’s all part of life.

It is all part of the course.

Sometimes in your mind there is too much going on.

You’re always welcomed with a cup.

Opens you up.

Colours bring.

Paint pot, a brush.

Water in the teabag.

You change the colours.

Are almost merged together.

They don’t fully mix.

Keeps moving.

Skipping ropes and ropes go round and round

A debate that will always continue.

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