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Doing it Our Way

Spring 2019

With support from The Alliance’s Self- Management Fund, AIMS Advocacy and The Involved! Group commissioned Mariem Omari and Mark Jeary to create a new piece of work that explored the lived experience of local people affected by mental health problems. 

Meeting weekly, the group shared their stories and questioned the challenges they have overcome to get to this place in their recovery journey. When embarking on this series of sessions, the project had been named Doing It My Way. The group decided to reframe their work as Doing It Our Way, not wanting to focus on the individual, but rather the collective journey they have taken together through the process. The workshops not only developed individual’s confidence and performance skills, but also explored self-management techniques that participants can use in their everyday lives. 

The work created was launched to acclaim during the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival at The Harbour Arts Centre, Irvine, with group participants performing their work, which was both thought provoking and moving. Participants were also involved in recording for the soundscape that accompanied the performance and produced a short film that can be watched below.  

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