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Good Vibrations


Good Vibrations was a singing group which met weekly. Inspired by feedback from mental health service users at the Involved Group’s annual event at the Harbour Arts Centre in Irvine, the group was open to mental health service users, their carers and those who work within mental health services. We met once a week on a Wednesday morning to sing together, and often learn new musical skills. We worked together to share skills and select songs for the group to try out, spending the sessions not only singing the songs, but having discussions about the lyrics, the meaning and history of the pieces of music.


In 2017 the group attended a number of public events and workshops, all with singing at their core! These included workshops at Celtic Connections, with the Centre for Lifelong Learning at Strathclyde University and a trip to the pantomime. The singing group performed twice at the Involved Group’s annual event, and in 2018 began working on their own vocal and percussive compositions which were exhibited at AIMS Advocacy’s 21 year celebration exhibition at The Portal in Irvine.

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