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Putting on a Face

Autumn 2018

No one will know.

How down inside.

Nervousness inside.

Makeup is a mask.

Can say a lot about the person .

Up in the morning, you can feel so sad.

But you want to burst out laughing.


Every hour of the day, Movement.

Outside, In the house.

On screen and off screen.

You can become stronger.

But you get weaker.


Editing yourself.

To move forwards to what clockface you want.

That’s your heart.

That’s your movement.

Tick tock, tick tock.


For speaking up, There is a strength coming.

You’re just as good as any of them.

Your moods.

Can you see anger?

We are all tagged by our name.

Everyone has a different inside.

Too smart to feeling soft.

As you get older you stop giving a shit.

When you’re you.

Through age and experience.

How do you calm down.

A clown, a grin.

A composed face to put your point across.

Trying to express yourself.

They can talk light, they can talk sharp.

As if you’re nobody.

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