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Sounding Something Out

January 2021

After creating our lockDown but not Out online zine in 2020, we started to think about how sounds have affected us during this time of social isolation and how we can be in tune with the world. We started off just collecting sounds and tried to think about how they made us feel. 


Everyone hears sounds differently and everyone feels sounds differently. 


We worked to put these together and created compositions that tell our own stories. Although we made individual compositions, the process was about listening beign able to sound something out and resonating with the ideas and experiences of eachother.


Sometimes it is difficult to find the words to describe how you are feeling. We’ve found that we can use sounds as a way to find those words for ourselves. 


You don’t just hear them, you can feel sounds deeper down inside of you. 


You can listen to our individual compositions by following the link below to our Sounding Something Out website. Each sound tells a story, so listen to each one all the way through and see what that story means to you. 

Visit Sounding Something Out

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