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Trindlemoss and Advocacy

Summer/Autumn 2023

AIMS Advocacy and Trindlemoss Day Opportunities present their collaborative artwork ‘What does advocacy mean to you?’


Over the past few months, AIMS Advocacy staff have been collaborating with Trindlemoss customers and staff to create a large silk painting that represents what advocacy could mean to people at the service.

We held a coffee morning at the Trindlemoss Barista Café for the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival. We invited people drop in to grab a coffee and see what we’ve been up to!People were able to try out silk painting for themselves, speak to some of the artists about their work and join our conversation about creative advocacy, mental health and learning disabilities.

This work was created as part of a larger body of engagement to raise awareness of advocacy access for people using learning disability services in North Ayrshire

What does advocacy mean to you_.jpg
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