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Working it Out

August 2017

All of these stories make us who we are.

On Thursday 31st August, members of our expressive advocacy groups took part in a workshop held at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow. As part of The House that Heals the Soul exhibition focusing on the political and social status of libraries, we held a one day publishing event.


Using Publication Studio Glasgow’s open-source resource for self-publishing, a book was completed from start to finish on the day. Titled Working it Out – These Stories Make Us Who We Are, activities involved writing, drawing and painting, photography and collage around this theme, and the book was written, edited, printed and bound over the few hours of the event. 

The workshop was also attended by members of groups from other areas and it was a great opportunity to share ideas with them. In holding the event we were also supported by both the CCA Glasgow and the Scottish Recovery Network’s Write to Recovery project. Needless to say, there was a lot of hard work and reward on the day and we would like to express thanks to everyone who was involved.

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